How to clap 50 times for an article 👏

I just started writing again on Medium.

This means the last few years, my brain has been trained on platforms where you like and move on.

A double tap means you have engaged, enjoyed, and are ready to scroll away to the next oddly specific video of a cat dancing in the back of a minivan.

Medium is completely different — it let’s you clap up to 50 times for an article or even a comment that you connected with.

All you have to do is keep tapping on that 👏 button in succession and you will start to see a +1, +2, +3…+10…all the way to +50.

So if you want to show a writer you loved their work and help them build excitement around their articles, take the extra seconds before you scroll on and give them a standing ovation!


PS. This will also help train your brain to pause, reflect, digest information, and break the horrible habits of scrolling. But that sounds like another topic for another article. (Which is an good reason to stick around, follow, and 👏)



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